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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Find love with someother spring.

(all photos by Renate Winter)

Sup fool, it's been a while.

Here is a common scene at the shop these days. Two fairly well dressed gentlemen, malt liquor in hand, wondering what the cosmos will bring them this spring. Maybe the secret to spring time is in my smartphone, or under my shoes?

Mike Rod looks to his mighty chin hair oracle in order to figure out his place in the springtime cosmos. (malt liquor in hand)

Maybe it's because it's spring, there's lots of love in the air. Romanticism aside, love shared amongst friends around a table and some beer is fun, stupid, and drunk, but it's still love.

"duuuuude, this shit ruuuuuules, i fucking looooove you maaaaaan" is valid, and uplifting in a "looking at a weely cuute puuppy that i can't keep" kind of way, you dig?

Bearded dudes are all in love with eachother, spring time or not. THIS IS A FACT.

This is a fact that Spot for one, does not get, AT ALL.

Here is Tom and Mike from Rayon Beach and Renate Winter our intrepid photographer for this post. Tom = Assured, Renate = Excited, Mike = whatever, dude.

The kids get the spring. It's freedom, it's fun. It's getting together with your friends and DOIN YO THANG, because that's the thing to do. We're all very glad that alot of you like doin your thang here at the shop, because at it's core, Trailer Space is here for you and whatever fucked up weirdness you can cook up.

All you rowdies can keep your rowdiness in the parking lot, still love you though.

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