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Saturday, May 22, 2010


all photos by the lovely Renate Winter

We love shenanigans here at the shop, in an effort to corrupt youth and increase the discomfort of others, the shop has decided to do a 2 day benefit show to bring Spot's kids to Austin for a few weeks this summer. For those of you lucky enough to see the 2 hellions in action last year, you will be pleased to know that a year and some puberty has done well for the boys and they are slowly becoming fucked up young men. For those who haven't met Taylor and Tanner, be warned, and don't get mad if they tell you to do something nasty with your lady, you know you were already thinking about doing it before they said it. Here's a photo report from night 1.


John and Single Guy, reminiscing about the past. Or making fun of a punk in the present?

A Giant Dog was up first

They were giving it all they got. BUHLEEDAT.

Kenna is the best person. She's also really good and getting cheapskates to give up the cash.

Followed by Static was next, let by living legend, Eric Static

They're no slouches when it comes to Rock and Roll. Though we've slouched with Eric plenty.

It's all about the love tonight.

This is probably the only photographic evidence of Brian Schmitz smiling in public.

STRAIGHT LAKIN' IT (ps. James Arthur, you owe us a visit)

Wild America was doin they thing.

Nay Nay did his thing, singing his new song like a champ.

Golden Boys finished it up in typical drunken super fun fashion. PROTIP- Don't have these guys close the show if you have to finish at a certain time.

It was a great night. Thanks to all the bands for playing, and big thanks to everyone who opened up their hearts and wallets for our little fundraiser. We understand that times are hard on everyone and the fact that our friends are willing to dig into their already shallow pockets for us is flattering and makes us feel insanely fortunate. Thanks again and we hope to see you again at the next one!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

REAL SHIT# 5 - Total Abuse

Imagine trying to find a personal version of reality that blanks out all the horrors of the modern world. Imagine that after heaps and piles of effort you realize that all that is left in this world is the hurt and the stink. You can either continue to fight it or go with it. Total Abuse seems to being dealing with the things we cannot change by just going with it. Reacting to a world that is now, and forever will be, perpetual shit by making harsh, hateful, nervous music is equal parts stylistic choice and spiritual requirement.The internet hate's Total Abuse for their "aloofness" and "self perpetuated mysteriousness" in their interviews, business choices and personal interactions on the road. The critics, who love their own boring syllableslop/bands more than anything, keep mentioning the most insignificant shit about this band, and it keeps one wondering time and time again. What the fuck do you think this band owes you and why? We don't think they owe anyone a goddamn thing.

Monday, May 10, 2010

“You can play a shoestring if you're sincere” - John Coltrane

(all photos with a "+" by them by Renate Winter )

Sorry for the long time between posts. We've been having a nice stoned summer, lots of cleaning, stabs at making the shop run smoother (i.e. keeping track of tax shit), shows, being mad at the Spurs for choking in the play offs, and making fun of mets fans.

We opened on a monday for a special Jazz show a few weeks back. Here are a few highlights. It was a really good show. Big thanks to Ingelbright Hakerflaten, Carl Smith, Andy Beaudoin, Derek Phelps, the Epistrophy Arts crew and everyone who came out for this really special night.

Here is bassist extraordinaire, IngelBright Hakerflaten. His playing is heartfelt and his fingers are like 5 separate contortionists, flailing wildly and precisely through the music.

Derek Phelps, Ingelbright Hakerflaten, Andy Beaudoin, Carl Smith (at the end, I didn't get the name of the other horn player)
The Crowd

Men at work.

Men at Rest +

Lots of these types at Jazz shows, nice fellows usually, snappy dressed but distant.+

Even Shawn David McMillen made an appearence, thus the night was complete. (his new record, which he is holding, is really incredible) +