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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

2013 Holiday Gift Guide

With only 14 days left till Christmas, we here at Trailer Space thought you folks out there might be thinking: ' What do I get that dude?' So we decided to put together a quick holiday gift guide to help you figure out what to get that special weirdo in your life that always smells a little bit like pot. 

Prince records. Everyone needs more Prince records. Don't let your friend be a sexless weirdo for the rest of his life. Get your friend Prince records. Ish, not only looks like Prince, but he's giving this LP to one of his sexless weirdo friends in hopes that the magic grooves and sexual innuendo of Prince will help. It will. Good job Ish

Our Buddy Benny from Natural Child is in this band. It's rocker and a roller and is highly recommended by the staff. 

Butthole Surfers reissues. Everybody thinks they have these on vinyl already but 7 times out of 10 they don't. 

This is a good thing to get for either a serious Bon Jovi fan, or as a white elephant or gag gift. It's funny because its a box set from a band who's best songs are their hits... 

And there are no hits on it. 

For that dude in your life who got a motorcycle, biker clothes and a shit load of 'tude year. Try this biker compilation housed in a faux leather saddle bag! Chic!

If all else fails. The HOLLA if I kill you/ Peter Rottentail DVD combo pack is always a SURE FUCKING THING. 


Friday, September 20, 2013

Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower. - Albert Camus

The misery that comes with going through a Texan summer always leads into extreme happiness once anything happens to the weather that would allow a person to wear a jacket. We're getting closer by the minute, so here's a little retrospective of some summer highlights. Please folks, wait for the temps to hit below 70 degrees at least before you wear sweaters. Big shout out to the NFL. 

Yes,  if you say you want to play blindfolded in the Parking Lot, and if you say it's cool to throw things at you, then you are going to get a trash can thrown at your dumb ass. If you want respect for your songwriting; take that shit to the Saxon Pub.


This is the guy from Lumpy and the Dumpers. They were really good. They definitely skated better than any other band that's rolled into town. Pick up their shit.

The Dave killing spree burned through the summer. Like flamethrower to jungle once Dave is done with us, all involved are burned to a crisp. No Tejano Jam will go un played and No white woman will go undanced with as long as Dave is around. 

Jackson is a true freak. A true freak that takes really good care of us. This man does not give a fuck in the most honest way. Thanks Jackson. 

Boys of Summer.

Oh look, it's Nay Nay. On a boat. Looking like Adolf Hitler if he would have gotten into flip flop making instead of his other career choice.

John Horne everybody. Fashion Icon.

This is happening on Thursday. Come on out, find out about the time your intrepid blogger went from the Strip Club to handling Human Feces in 30 minutes.

Friday, May 17, 2013

“The summer came upon the country like a conqueror.” ― W Somerset Maugham


Lots has been going down since last we spoke. We can condense it down to we're all still here and we're still having a great time. Lots of really good local releases have been coming out lately, and we've begun the process of kicking fireworks, but like most drugs, relapse is a part of recovery but we're on a path now and hopefully we will end up ok. Summer is here and between swims and and shows, we're listening to a whole hell of alot of Ray Parker Jr.

Cause that shit rules.

 Went and saw the Golden Boys the other night. They hadn't played in a while. It's also been a while since they seemed happy to be playing, so it was a really good time. Wes Coleman learned to shred while he's been off crooning with his feelings or whatever and Nay Nay still twirls 'stache better than anyone in the game. 

We sold the chair. We've replaced it with a stool for singer/songwriters/intense feeling havers. For a mere 3 dollars a minute we will let you sit on the stool and bombard us with whatever "serious" and "heartfelt" thing you got. Consider us like Kerrville Folk Fest, just minus all the support for your craft and all that. Here we have Mack (who is back, still black and off the crack) demonstrating.

Typical. Tonooch lookin all Outsiders and shit, Spot wearing a hat that says  " Wet Tacos" and Liz, being all lizzed out. Have fun in Chicago, Liz.

 The blog dude got really, really upset during game 2 of the Spurs playoffs. So mad that he broke a gift from his friend Brett. 

 Ultimately, it all turned out ok. GO SPURS GO.
 If you dont have plans for Saturday, you should go to this, because it should be fun. 

Friday, March 8, 2013

Spring is nature's way of saying, "Let's party!" Robin Williams

March is here and so is SXSW. Lots of people are upset and angry about a bunch of jerks coming to our town and partying way too hard and being annoying and that's totally fine. We all party way too hard and act annoyingly all year long and since we're not on vacation, its not going to be that different for us, it's just that for this week we get to see all of our rowdy friends at the same time. We like SXSW. Dos Equis gave us 3000 beers for SXSW so we really like it. Here's some quick snaps from some other parties we had recently.

 Ish's birthday cake. Some found it rude to use his middle name on his birthday cake, but whatever.

 This is the crowd from Nick's birthday party. Look at Lauren Darcy.

 Plutonium Farmers, mid rock. These guys are really good .

 Mitch and Mark "Tonooch" Tonucci have quickly become the shops number one Power Party Couple. This isn't a shot of them at a specific party, this is them all the time.

Wes Coleman and his feelings or whatever.

OK. Here's what we have going for SXSW. We don't have a thursday day show. We're open to having one if someone wants to rent us out, but we're also fine with just chilling till the night show. Lots of interesting and important people to run around with you know?

Wednesday March 13 - Burger Records
 11:00 – GLITZ
11:30 - TYRANIS
12:00 - VISION
12:30 - ENJOY
1:30 - NU SENSAE
 2:00 - AUDACITY
 3:30 – SAM FLAX
 4:00 – JAILL
 6:00 - BURNT ONES
 8:15 - GAP DREAM
 9:00 - THE GO
9:45 -
10:30 – PANGEA
 12:00 – APACHE

Thursday March 14 - Ping Pong Booking Thursday Night Show Case

630 to Midnight - Jaill, John Wesley Coleman and More!

Friday March 15th  - Monofonus Press

1:00 Blind Shake (Minneapolis, MN)
1:50 Marriage (Austin, TX)
2:40 Thee Open Sex (Bloomington, IN)
3:00 Tim Kerr and friends (Parking lot set)
3:45 Spray Paint (Austin, TX)
4:30 Useless Eaters (Nashville, TN)
5:15 Destruction Unit (Tempe, AZ)
6:00 Lenz (Oakland, CA)

Cake Shop/Capeshok

Saturday March 16th

Sonic Vault Austin

Oak is Keeping
The Boxing Lesson
Residual Kid
Lord Buffalo

Dino's Boys - 7:15
Burnt Skull - 8:00
G. Green - 8:50
Obnox - 9:40
Sweet Talk - 1030
Unholy Two - 11:20

Cool. See ya! Just because we have beer, that doesn't mean you don't have to bring some.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Good things happen to those who hustle. Anais Nin

All sorts of weird ass shit has been happening around the shop lately. Spring is in the air and all the little boys are girls are bumpin uglies like there's no tomorrow (who knows, there might not be) here's a few scenes from recent weeks.

We had a noise show and some dude brought 2 HOOKAHS for all of us to enjoy. As with most things, Mitch enjoyed them more that most.

Poker night, also getting weird. The reason for the sequined ass isn't important, just know that Phil "I wore mesh and I felt alive" Dunne aint fazed. At all.

After the Creationist release show, Ish got fucked up and Spot was none too pleased. But after that....
Nick went to see the Geto Boys and he met Scarface like a damn champ.
Later that week. Some dramatic photography of some dramatic drunks took place. We always see this shit whenever we leave the shop. 

Then we made DIY magnetic poetry. The wigger god, Elliot, is manning our new instagram account (@trailerspacerecords) and our Twitter (@trailer_space) check us out there if you feel the need.