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Monday, February 4, 2013

Good things happen to those who hustle. Anais Nin

All sorts of weird ass shit has been happening around the shop lately. Spring is in the air and all the little boys are girls are bumpin uglies like there's no tomorrow (who knows, there might not be) here's a few scenes from recent weeks.

We had a noise show and some dude brought 2 HOOKAHS for all of us to enjoy. As with most things, Mitch enjoyed them more that most.

Poker night, also getting weird. The reason for the sequined ass isn't important, just know that Phil "I wore mesh and I felt alive" Dunne aint fazed. At all.

After the Creationist release show, Ish got fucked up and Spot was none too pleased. But after that....
Nick went to see the Geto Boys and he met Scarface like a damn champ.
Later that week. Some dramatic photography of some dramatic drunks took place. We always see this shit whenever we leave the shop. 

Then we made DIY magnetic poetry. The wigger god, Elliot, is manning our new instagram account (@trailerspacerecords) and our Twitter (@trailer_space) check us out there if you feel the need.