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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Waldorf: You know, the opening is catchy. Statler: So is smallpox.

 Got a bunch of Music VHS in the shop. That  JSBE tape is autographed.

 Half Mile Fox Fur. Some of our favorite dorks. Seen here rocking in a style that gives a big shout out to Rap Rock.

 But its cool, we still back them.

 Aly with the art shot maaaaan.

 Mack came into town the other day to say hey and go get a 5 dollar blow job. Here he is sandwitched between Statler and Waldorf

 Church Shoes, mid rock. 

 Dikes of Holland. This pic was taken right before Statler ruined it for everybody by setting off literally 1000 black cats in the shop. Last time we checked, he is still not sorry for doing this.

Atilla, smashing the game silly with his smooth, smooth ways.

These are a few of the things that have been happening at the shop since we last checked in. The changing weather and the new NBA season has kept our intrepid blogger busy with the outside and the TV, but rest assured that this will become a weekly thing again. Unless the Spurs go deep, then who the fuck knows.