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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

"Everyone has a plan 'till they get punched in the mouth."- Mike Tyson

(JJ and Spot holding a door from Emo's, photo by Greg Enlow)

Beatin' em to the punch. Trailer Space says goodbye to Emo's (a few days before the lazy sycophants in Austin music media do)

People that have worked at Emo's are the only ones who know the true power of that place. Taking a job at Emo's was basically signing away your rights to privacy, dignity and basic humanity. People have gone from drugging, drinking skirt chasers into home owning, 3 beer having, child raisers in the course of a few months. Why? It's because working at Emo's was basically taking the deepest darkest ugliness inside your soul and looking at it for 6 to 12 hours a day for a few days a week.

Or most of them just got old...or they accidentally knocked up their girlfriends.

Silliness aside, we here at Trailer Space are very sad to see our very own manchild playground go. We're very proud about how they're choosing to bow out. Rather than having C3 bring in Mongo and Sons or some other KGSR sanctioned granola rocker, they're bringing in Killdozer to play with a couple of local bands that have a direct tie to the club. It's going to be a show for the people who have always been there, and it's going to be a blast. Frank and CO. aren't really making a huge deal publicly. Sure, we've all had our extended hug nostalgia parties over the past few weeks, but the club's public bowout has been quiet and understated which has always been the point. The true fun and magic of the place always went on inside the walls and it's always been for the people who are accepted inside those walls. Spot and JJ have always (well 80% of the time) have been treated with open arms. Despite JJ's early 2000's run of constantly getting kicked out for giving Greg alcohol, to the crime comedy that was Spot from 2004 to 2008, even down to Spot and JJ the past few weeks, we got our repremands and our insults but we were always welcomed back. Thanks Emo's for your tolerance, we really apprieciate it.

One needs to remember that what's happening to the club is what the powers that be in Austin want for our fair city. They no longer want downtown to be the haven for "US" whatever that means. The fact that we spend almost all the money we make on cheap alcohol, the fact that the things we like, love and do bring the cool factor and the noteriety to the city is no longer enough. The city wants Red River and that part of 6th street to be for the people who drink expensive and still have the cash to shop on SoCo afterward. Those people deemed as "US" are to be relegated to East 6th, East Riverside or wherever the fuck. As long as "We" aren't there to make the yuppies scared, the city doesn't care. We have our goodtimes, we have our memories and we can take them to another part of town.

..and we will, because shit, if we had to start paying to get into shows AND paying full price for drinks we would be totally screwed. No matter where they send us, they're going to try to kick us out of there too in 10 years or so. It's not so much "US" that makes a place cool, it's the energy, the passion and the love for real, urgent in your face art that makes a place cool.

and Sluts too, gotta have sluts.

Goodbye Emo's downtown. Ya'll suck, but it's always better than partying at Beerland.

PS - THANKS TO : Chris Doan, Mike Sanchez, Guilty Dave, Hooch, Tom, Staples, Schmitz, Sabala, Dan Moore, Beez Nuts, Ray Colgan, Big C, Joe Sabastian (aka Baby Beluga), Courtney, PHILLY PAT, Schlam a lam, the Denver Sxsw clean up crew, Mike Christie, Lucas Wedow, Inkle, Terry Snow, Jacob Schultze, Graham Mills, Logan Worrell, Bill Corselo and Frank Hendrix, and anyone we forgot. Thanks for treating us so well despite us being so fucking drunk.

and to the bands we insulted. STILL NOT SORRY.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Man is condemned to be free; because once thrown into the world, he is responsible for everything he does. - Jean-Paul Sartre

Photo by Jon Shapley for atommusic.wordpress.com

A couple weeks back we had a party to celebrate the release of a split 7in between young rockers The Fleshlights and old bong loaders Naw Dude (photos can be found at http://atommusic.wordpress.com/2011/12/04/205/ and you can pick up this fine record at the shop or www.12xu.net) and it was quite the time. We had explosive rock, free ass beer (THANKS 12XU) cold weather and communal moisture. Being wet with people who share your interests makes us feel supported and capable of forward movement. Every hair stuck smile and wet t-shirt back, every slippery step and tossed ice cube is a reminder why you love the things you love. We love records, music and the ability to share our particular brand of gross wetness with everyone that walks through our doors. We don't even mind cleaning up (mostly because we have Mack do that) so whatever.

While we plan for the impending winter holiday, we're also getting ready for some of our favorite moisture to dissapear.

(photo by Renate Winter)

The man on the left is Sean Morales. Sean Mo is a grousy little bitch sometimes, but all in all, he's a great friend. He's a brown at arms and a serviceable card player.

The man on the right is Bryan Schmitz. Bryan, while also a grousy little bitch, is also a destroyer of dreams, a crusher of ego and a really shitty person to get a ride from (Beware the Schmitz dip)

Sean is leaving us at the end of the month to go persue his career in Oregon. Bryans going to stay behind to continue to torture us all, but before that, we're going to Roast Sean Morales here at the shop on 12/21. Bryan is going to be the Roast Host with the Most and there will be actual pot roast to eat. Come by and say farewell to one of the greats... by watching another one of the greats completely destroy his soul.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

"Past rooms still burning their electric light: I thought: Featureless morning, featureless night." - Philip Larkin

The days before Halloween is when we here at Trailer Space really get down. Spot and JJ always dress up the same way for Halloween (Spot as Angus' dad and JJ as a fucking adult) so the days before is our party time. We had an epic blow out with James Arthurs Manghunt, The Golden Boys, Rhett and Dean and The Early Stages. Tom debuted his new meat cart, Mickelthwaits Craft Meats to rave reviews. Definitely one of the best times we've ever had, despite the Rangers losing game 6 (ed note. MOTHERFUCKERS)

Here's some photos from the event. Taken by the worldly and hoboerotic

Renate Winter check her out at www.renatewinter.com

James Arthur in his natural habitat. Self Promoting. Look how excited he is.

The Early Stages. Mid Rock.

These guys have been a constant joy around the shop. They have also been a supplier of weird ass alcohol.

Tom. Mid Meat.

Dean and the Fam.

Crowd around the register. Look how Sean Mo is trying to seduce Ish. Fuckin Creep.

Brian, Spot and Omari trying to look hard as fuck in the face of an oblivion lusting drunk.

Brian in his natural state.

Rhett and Dean rule.


People say we Monkee around. But we're so busy singin'!..

That we make our drummer frown :(

Crowd Shot. Find the Aussies. I dare you.

Another crowd shot. Find the Aussie again!

James Arthurs' ManHunt. A texan Hawkwind with a huge dose of drug shame. See this band.

Jensen the Aussie and Mack! Jensen alerted us that Australian Cops don't carry boomerangs. BUMMER.

Rangers fans. Before they lost all hope.


Ish had a great time.

Thanks to all that came out, rocked out and cooked. It was a night for the record books.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

"You may have thought things would come right again If you could only keep quiet and still" - Philip Larkin

(This dog is Linus, photo by Laura Ashline. Ed side note- She is back in Austin and this is good.)

We're gettin there.

After a lazy summer, the T Space crew is enjoying playoff Baseball (we're happy with whoever goes to the world series....but FUCK THE CARDINALS) and doin our thing. Shit's starting to pick up again in all respects. More people coming in, more people buyin stuff (THANKS) and we've been seeing some incredible shows here lately. Seriously, we've seen some magical sets here in the past few weeks. You can't go around looking for the magic, but when it comes about you must be thankful, you must be attentive and above all else, you MUST BE THANKFUL. So much is happening in Austin right now. Take in as much as you can take, please. Just pay attention. We've been paying attention more, and we're happy about it.

(Ali on the left, Tony on the right. Photo by Graham Low)

This is Ali and Tony from the Holy Shit! show the other week. Magical Show. Holy SHit! is coming back to play with Naw Dude (ed. note - Im in Naw Dude) on 11/22. Come by and get drunk.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

'Why don't you get in those heart patterned boxer shorts and leave me out of it?' - Chuck Norris as Walker, Tx Ranger

Summer has ended and we here at the shop are faced with the aftermath of spending the hours of 1pm to 3pm watching Walker, Texas Ranger everyday. We learned alot. Alot about ourselves, alot about crime (yes, there are things we didn't know about crime.) and alot about Dallas. Here is a list of things we learned.

1. Everyone in Dallas fights the cops all the time.

It doesn't matter why the cops are around, doesn't matter the time of day; if the cops are around civilians, there will be a fight. Walker has to fight fools sometimes when he's just trying to walk down the street. It's hard to be a Ranger.

2. Walker's back handed fist slap move is not effective unless it's in slow motion.

We've watched him do it hundreds of times in fights, but it doesn't do shit unless it's in slow-motion.

3. CD's chili is magic.

It's cured ailments and when people talk shit on CD's chili they get smacked. This stuff has magic powers that we think even Walker can't fathom. Respect CD's chili.

4. Karate fixes everything.

In the series karate has brought families together, got kids out of gangs, cured physical and mental maladies, brought forgiveness to a kid that shot another kid, saved Dallas from biochemical disaster and it also got cholos to quit cholo-ing and start re painting the school goddamnit. Karate rules.

This is just a short list of all that Walker has brought to our lives. Stop by sometime and we can tell you more.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

"Men can only be happy when they do not assume that the object of life is happiness." George Orwell

"We don't hate the man, we're just glad you do." - Spot

"I understand that there are some lines that I cannot cross." - JJ

Thursday, August 4, 2011

"There is no confusion like the confusion of a simple mind" - F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby, Ch. 7

We here at Trailer Space have been called many things, most of them bad, all of them true. Despite our laziness, our drunkeness and our chronic ambivalence, you can't EVER say that we don't make our own fun.

This picture goes out to everyone who's whining about the heat.
Don't tell us we don't know suffering, we've been watching Walker, Texas Ranger EVERY DAY. ALL SUMMER LONG.

This is the last known picture of the crazy asshole Nay. There's a new Nay around town, he's a kinder gentler Nay. This Nay buys drinks and cares about you. The jury is still out as to which Nay we prefer.

Fuck these guys. We've been having a good summer. Lots of fun, lots of good records been coming in too. Come around sometime.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Be brave. Take risks. Nothing can substitute experience. Paulo Coelho

Wednesday Night.

Tonight was the first typically "summer" night here at the shop. Everyone here was a motherfucker, heavy heads were

around. The vibe of the place was more,"Shit, I slept till 4, I gotta do something...i dont wanna go far (bong rip)and Im broke, I

wanna be around my homies... Im going to Trailer Space."

Some people watched the bands, some didnt. 80 % of the attendees donated to the touring band and we even sold some records. But the

whole thing was TEXAS SUMMER.

Im here, Im hot. I like you. I hate you. We're here. Whatever. We're convinced

that the sun is closer to Texas during the summer, We KNOW that it cooks your brain and makes you act weird. We're ok with all

these things. If your out, your overcoming the CONSISTANTLY BRUTAL texas heat. Act Spacey and weird, wile out a little... YOU


No band photos, SORRY HOLMES.

RECIDE was good. The drummer is hitting like a MAN now and they're making it more weird, really good.

CRUDDY was way tight. New jams (ed note. Presumably off the 12xu lp?) had a primal lurch to them that was very exciting. Really


BORED STRAIGHT from milwaukee was tight, nervous and wound up. Nice guys who didn't take their straight edges too

seriously. Rippers.

NAW DUDE (ed. note, I am the guitarist) had Albert from RECIDE fill in on vocals because the normal singer got lost in

the forest of the mind. Despite his straight Edge, he killed the set, proving that anyone can do Hardcore if you pay attention and

actually give a fuck.

Thanks all. It was a good time.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

“Well, the tragedy is over. The failure is complete. I turn my head and go away. I took my share in this fight for the impossible.” - Al Camus

Sunday we had a going away party for our good buddy Mitch T. He's been a great guy to have around town due to his calm demeanor, dry humor and general drive to have a good time, all the time. Ol' Mitch is moving on to New London, CT. He's going to work on a farm with coffee, and start over. We're sure he'll be fine since girls, sluts and really really slutty girls seem to gravitate to the new guy. Everyone got together for a keg, Crisis Hotlines, Sex Advice's last show, Naw Dude and John Wesley ColemanIII.

These photos were taken with a camera and the wiley voodoo of Ms. Renate Winter. You can see her other work here www.renatewinter.com

Hot Party Action.

Sheri and T Ray. In the mix.

Crisis Cody

Crisis Hotlines




Mid Rock Sex Advice

Post Rock Sex Advice (the whole band is in this shot if you look closely)

Naw Dude. The weirdest looking band in hardcore?

Even Mid Rock, they don't look tough, they look like 4 distinct brands of NERD.

They probably Agree

JWC III was next

He casually rolled through his hits...

And Mitch was pleased.

Thanks to all that showed up. Thanks for people who donated to the keg and big thanks for the bands that played. It was a really good day and a fitting send off to a great guy. WE'LL MISS YOU MITCH.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Yeah, and I saw a bunch of biker titties and shit, when I was smoking" - The Nay

The Trailer Space field trip was a success! Spot, Nay Nay, JJ, and G Low were joined by Brett Allen (took the photo above) and Gerard Cosloy (the guy to took the video below) and fun was had by all involved. The game was lively and our presence in the stands was emboldened by schrooms, beers and Express Dogs (which were VERY quick)

oh. and this happened.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

"It was always easy to find an unhappy woman" - Moe Bandy

Things get weird when it starts to get hot because the sun is closer to Texas than anywhere else in the world. Texan brains cook and it's not even June. As they cook, shit comes up. The lakers lose (ed. note - told ya), You get kicked out of 2 bars in one AFTERNOON after trying out for THE REMAKE OF SLACKER (ed. note - this is not made up, and it happened to 2 men, one of them got in trouble and the other man lamented that he's never had anal sex at 32 years old.), Recumbent bikes and Segways still roam the town and your newly cooked brain won't let you yell at them because it's just too hot for that. Some people set skateboards on fire, and I dunno....sluts.

The last two weeks here at the shop have been a non stop bro-down. Blame the NBA playoffs and the temperature, but chicks just haven't been coming around too much lately, despite our daily showering and other charms. OH well. We still have eachother, a mutual hate for the Miami Heat and a shared admiration for....i dunno...sluts.