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Saturday, February 22, 2014

'If you drink, don't park; accidents cause people' Anonymous

Drinking and driving is something you shouldn't do. Yes, we all know that it's incredibly fun, but its dangerous and potentially expensive. Evan (AKA Elliot AKA Snowflake) got really tanked at some weird show we had at the shop featuring bands that love having feelings. We didn't want him to drive, despite how fun it might be, so we took his keys and made him model some records we got in that we really like. Don't drink and drive kids. 

This Flipper live recording from Germany in 1991 is really fantastic. It sounds great and has that raw seething hatred that you truly enjoy if you love Flipper. 

One of our favorite bands from the Fifth Wave of early 2000's garage revivalists, Brimstone Howl didn't really go anywhere as a band. We like to think its because they actually know how to write songs and most people who say the term 'Garagey' alot don't really care too much about that sort of thing. This is a good record. 

California's Life Stinks borrows a little from Crime, a little from the Velvet Underground and mixes it together into a record that can only be described as 'scuzzy'. It's more appealing than it sounds. 

Cryptic Slaughter's Money Talks reissue. Thrash till death then thrash some more. It's been proven that wearing sleeveless clothing makes this record 20times better sounding. Wearing a sleeveless shirt and no pants while listening to this record is akin to what the Buddhists call 'enlightenment'. Seriously. 

Mammoth Grinder's new record is uglier, faster and tougher than their past records. Get it

These two Michael Yonkers reissues are from his 'astral folk' period. They're pretty, meandering and kinda weird (not unlike Evan here) but they kind of put the listener in a happy place and are very worth checking out. For Fans of: weed.