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Monday, March 26, 2012

Forgot about this one.

The floor after Sxsw

Friday, March 23, 2012

No man does right by a woman at a party. ~Harry Golden

You have to walk away from a clusterfuck like SXSW learning a few lessons. We learned from last year that while having a seemingly unlimited supply of beer and tequila seems fun, it breeds an ugliness and despair that you don't want to see. We also learned last year that if you only have two toilets on the block, the punks will shit in the neighbors yards.
So we rolled into this year armed with knowledge. We didn't get alcohol sponsors and we got a few port o potties (a phalanx of potties according to one college educated Washington Post writer) and we also made the Trailer Space bathroom LOCALS ONLY which was beyond fun...for us locals.

(Crusties filing into a Volkswagen..HAHA)

We began the week with a locals only party and then shit got started. We had showcases from Monofonus Press, 12XU, Get Bent, Burger Records, Trouble in Mind, Colonel Sanders and Cake Shop NYC/Daed Pizza. Everything went off without a hitch and was EXCEEDINGLY fun.BIG THANKS to all of you to put this thing together. You did a fantastic job and without you, it wouldn't have happened at all...because we are LAZY.

("Smokin dat" Wes whips his hair for Natural Child and a Crowd)

Crowd wise, we couldn't have asked for a better group of people. Everyone was hungry for music and beer and seemed to be in good spirits (not counting the girls from California who got into a fight, which was awesome). Most people didn't mind the locals only bathroom and we got a minimal amount of shitty attitude and for that we thank you. We learned that hatred for crusties is a nationwide thing, we also learned that if you spin fire infront a puerto rican and they have something to throw at you, they will throw it at you. Repeatedly.

(Crowd Shot)

In the interest of not incriminating anyone, we're not going to explain the picture above, we're just going to thank Emo's for making us a stop on the party bus, it was great fun all week long and we hope to do it again next year. When you ride the Emo's bus, you look like this.

Most of all, for us here at Trailer Space, SXSW is summer camp where we get to see our friends from all over the world. from Louie Louie from France, to THE PUERTO RICANS, to Alex and Francis White to the Natural Childs to the Tomorrows Tulips to Bim and Chris from the Unholy Two to the Burger dudes and everyone else we forgot to mention. We love you and we're glad to know you. This year was a really really fun year for us and we once again want to thank everyone who came over to our shop. Bigger thanks if you bought some records.

It was a rough week and it only got rougher when this happened.

But that's another story.