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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Ah, summer, what power you have to make us suffer and like it. ~Russel Baker

Olympic Fever gripped the shop quite firmly this year. World class Table Tennis and the back end of the Spanish Beach Volleyball Team captivated our hearts, minds and imaginations. Olympic executives like to talk about the unifying qualities of the games but they fail to mention how infuriating they are as well. Trampoline is lame, fencing is lame and to all those who think horse dancing is a sport, we got some ocean front property in Arizona to sell to you...cheap. Now that the great games are over, and we're done watching Kobe Bryant hit on volleyball girls, we're sitting around and quietly reminiscing about the summer that's fading as quickly and as beautifully as it came....

That was a total lie. Now that the Olympics are over we're discussing Football and insulting each other. The day to day is the same but the nights are still fun around here. We've had a flood of good new local records and a bunch of weird tapes come in the shop, come on down and check us out. Untill then, here are some random photos from the past month or 2 or 3...

ST37 in action. These are guys are a pleasure to be around and a pleasure to listen to. In fact, as a writer, I find it pleasurable to even be writing about them. Ahh pleasure.

So our buddy Mitch is basically a 15 year old girl trapped in the body of a totally kick ass trucker who is always down to party. We decided to throw him a quinceanera (that's a coming of age party for a girl, for the culturally unfortunate among the readership) to try and man him up. We got Selena e los Burritos to play and we got him a cake with his face on it. We threw it at him.

Here we have Spot explaining to Mitch that this better be the last goddamn time we see his ass in a dress. Ish is yelling...Ish is always yelling.

This is Team Next from Austin. We're putting them on the blog because they wrote this line:

"You sitting there, tryin to get by...Im sitting here, trying to stay high."

Coming next time...we're gonna talk about tapes, tape and grapes.