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Friday, September 20, 2013

Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower. - Albert Camus

The misery that comes with going through a Texan summer always leads into extreme happiness once anything happens to the weather that would allow a person to wear a jacket. We're getting closer by the minute, so here's a little retrospective of some summer highlights. Please folks, wait for the temps to hit below 70 degrees at least before you wear sweaters. Big shout out to the NFL. 

Yes,  if you say you want to play blindfolded in the Parking Lot, and if you say it's cool to throw things at you, then you are going to get a trash can thrown at your dumb ass. If you want respect for your songwriting; take that shit to the Saxon Pub.


This is the guy from Lumpy and the Dumpers. They were really good. They definitely skated better than any other band that's rolled into town. Pick up their shit.

The Dave killing spree burned through the summer. Like flamethrower to jungle once Dave is done with us, all involved are burned to a crisp. No Tejano Jam will go un played and No white woman will go undanced with as long as Dave is around. 

Jackson is a true freak. A true freak that takes really good care of us. This man does not give a fuck in the most honest way. Thanks Jackson. 

Boys of Summer.

Oh look, it's Nay Nay. On a boat. Looking like Adolf Hitler if he would have gotten into flip flop making instead of his other career choice.

John Horne everybody. Fashion Icon.

This is happening on Thursday. Come on out, find out about the time your intrepid blogger went from the Strip Club to handling Human Feces in 30 minutes.