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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

"I've really learned a lot, really learned a lot, love is like a stove, burns you when it's hot." - Roy Orbison.

If you wanna talk to us about serious drinking, you have to include the crew that's been watching euro 2012 here at the shop in there. We have a Swede, 2 Mexicans, a dog AND Nay Nay all showing up at 145 ready to drink, yell, and marvel at the beautiful playing and artful commentary. The crew involved are a sturdy bunch, because if you pay attention to to the news, the internet or any ol asshole in the street, you've been bombarded with the message: "Its hot,...waaah". Remember that one summer we had in Texas where it was 75 degrees everyday and it snowed puppies and rainbows? We don't either. \

Moving on. Here's a few images from the last month. In the interest of transparency, we've been getting really really fucked up the last month so it's a bit...sparse. The spirit is there, but the parts where we pissed people off, got in fights with eachother and alienated long time friends have been removed to protect....the people that work and hang and Trailer Space. Sorry.

Drama shot of Royal Headache during Chaos in Tejas. This shit was bad ass. Logan got 5 of us in and he alerted the security staff that we "were gonna do whatever" Spot and JJ got hella drunk and JJ made good friends with the security staff. Unfortunately he got too fucked up to watch the Clean. But a good time was had by all. THANKS TIMMY, LOGAN AND THE CHAOS CREW.

This was on JJ's birthday. He tried to pay these fuckheads 30 bucks NOT to play at the shop. They declined. He split with Schmitz to watch basketball at the bar. Spot had to deal with this bullshit. ("By the way, they were actually good because they only played for 10 minutes - Spot")

We went to see these dorks look like Wilco or someshit at the Parish. We were all on mushrooms so it was totally killer.

Angie B and her baby Lily. She's lookin so good in her Rusted Shut onesie.

This guy was doing projections for this really crappy "psych" band from Mexico City. He is obviously the only one involved that knows anything about anything.

Mitch looks at his Facebook too much so we threw him a Quincenenera so he would grow the fuck up. Here he is with his face cake. This cake would be thrown in his face a mere 4 hours after this shot was taken.

ST37 this last sunday. If you act like you are into psychedellic music and you don't love this band, then you are a fucking idiot. They Jam just as hard as Hawkwind or Flower Travellin Band or Ngozi Family, but they have the advantage of not only being from the greatest country in the world (AMERICA GODDAMNIT)  but they hail from the greatest state in the union (TEXAS GODDAMNIT)  Please find all of their recorded works and study them.

So that's a quick update from this last month. We're going to get started early here so WE'RE TAKING SPONSORSHIP FOR SXSW starting now. So if you have a car company, beer company, high end clothing brand, blog, record label or if you sell weed and wanna give us a bunch for free. HOLLER AT US.