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Friday, May 17, 2013

“The summer came upon the country like a conqueror.” ― W Somerset Maugham


Lots has been going down since last we spoke. We can condense it down to we're all still here and we're still having a great time. Lots of really good local releases have been coming out lately, and we've begun the process of kicking fireworks, but like most drugs, relapse is a part of recovery but we're on a path now and hopefully we will end up ok. Summer is here and between swims and and shows, we're listening to a whole hell of alot of Ray Parker Jr.

Cause that shit rules.

 Went and saw the Golden Boys the other night. They hadn't played in a while. It's also been a while since they seemed happy to be playing, so it was a really good time. Wes Coleman learned to shred while he's been off crooning with his feelings or whatever and Nay Nay still twirls 'stache better than anyone in the game. 

We sold the chair. We've replaced it with a stool for singer/songwriters/intense feeling havers. For a mere 3 dollars a minute we will let you sit on the stool and bombard us with whatever "serious" and "heartfelt" thing you got. Consider us like Kerrville Folk Fest, just minus all the support for your craft and all that. Here we have Mack (who is back, still black and off the crack) demonstrating.

Typical. Tonooch lookin all Outsiders and shit, Spot wearing a hat that says  " Wet Tacos" and Liz, being all lizzed out. Have fun in Chicago, Liz.

 The blog dude got really, really upset during game 2 of the Spurs playoffs. So mad that he broke a gift from his friend Brett. 

 Ultimately, it all turned out ok. GO SPURS GO.
 If you dont have plans for Saturday, you should go to this, because it should be fun.