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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

"I can no other answer make, but, thanks, and thanks." William Shakespeare

In our last blog post I said I would try to make these things more regular. Well, the Spurs have been having a strong season that has been wrought with problems in the post so that has been getting most of my attention...also I'm lazy. Since you're surely sitting somewhere starting to get bored with someone so I thought today would be a good day to check in. Merry Christmas to those in celebration. Hopefully all others are having a great day off and are irreparably drunk. 

Things around the shop have been going well. Rumors have been going around about our doors closing and our detractors will be sad to know, this is not the case. Max V from the Fleshlights threw a benefit show for us to help out the shop. Things are going alright but we need a little extra cash to fix our trusty little Public Address system and our roof.  The P.A has been strong, is has weathered the storm of 1000's of beers being flung at it and being pumped too loud by emo bands. The P.A. gracefully ignores scoffs from noise bands and hip hop acts who want nothing more than to plug weird shit into it be way louder than necessary. The Roof on the other hand is literally a soggy and wet mess, a cowering and leaky whiner who hates all weather. Rain, shine, cold or hot the roof is pissed about it and needs some fixing. Big thanks to Foreign Mothers, Dead Space, 60 Minute Man and Debt for playing and to Hotel Vegas for hosting. Lots of love to Max Vandever and everybody involved with the shop for making our existence possible.

Other than that, we've been here. Picking up some new records. Watching bands play and drinking all sorts of weird shit. Attilla has been partying pretty hard, so there's fun to be had and records to buy.  Come over and bring some beer. 

here's some photos from the benefit by Alison Eden Copeland. Check her out at www.alisoneden.com


Yazzie and Alfie. Candid shot, they always look like that.
Quin and Holly. A beautiful pair of soon to be parents. Shut up Dad.
Jason and Jared. Another Candid shot.
Spot, Ish, Jackson and Mitch. Nuff Said.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Waldorf: You know, the opening is catchy. Statler: So is smallpox.

 Got a bunch of Music VHS in the shop. That  JSBE tape is autographed.

 Half Mile Fox Fur. Some of our favorite dorks. Seen here rocking in a style that gives a big shout out to Rap Rock.

 But its cool, we still back them.

 Aly with the art shot maaaaan.

 Mack came into town the other day to say hey and go get a 5 dollar blow job. Here he is sandwitched between Statler and Waldorf

 Church Shoes, mid rock. 

 Dikes of Holland. This pic was taken right before Statler ruined it for everybody by setting off literally 1000 black cats in the shop. Last time we checked, he is still not sorry for doing this.

Atilla, smashing the game silly with his smooth, smooth ways.

These are a few of the things that have been happening at the shop since we last checked in. The changing weather and the new NBA season has kept our intrepid blogger busy with the outside and the TV, but rest assured that this will become a weekly thing again. Unless the Spurs go deep, then who the fuck knows. 

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Hostility comes from loneliness, from not seeing yourself like a drop falling into the ocean of humanity like everyone else. Mehmet Oz

Football is back and we couldn't be happier. We are aware that some of the readers don't care for football but we don't really care for Hickey or the Descendants so that's cool. 

We're all waiting for the Cowboys to start blowing it (ed. note -  I am a huge fan of both the Cowboys and reality, so just wait for it, it's going to happen) and we're really hoping that living embodiment of a sports movie, the Baltimore Ravens go all the way this year. We love football because believe it or not, there's alot of beauty hidden between the pads and grunts you see on the TV. When a play is executed properly its like watching a poem made out of leathery flesh being performed by 11 men who are working together to occupy, annoy, beat down and piss off another 11 men. Getting that many people to accomplish something TOGETHER is amazing to watch. That's not to say that Football is occupied by a bunch of Keats quoting dandies; the game is filled to the brim with some of the most incredible dumb asses on the planet and they are pretty fun to watch.

Since we saw you last, we've been on TV (https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=1n8e2UqHbw4 we pop up at about 8:20) and our poker game has been getting quite lively. Our summers are usually like a party that few people attend as far as the record selling goes, but that always changes with the weather. Strong are we in our position as the premier hangout spot for the lonely drunk who really needs to hide in a place where chicks will not be. We are very strong in that.

The best thing about being on TV was that the show seemed to catch us in the act of doing what we're here for. Technically, yes we are here to sell records but beyond that, we're a place for any and anyone who loves music and just needs a place to be. That's why we have Shows, Poker games, Birthday parties and Sports watching gatherings. That's why if you wanna come over and stand there and lurk while we talk shit to each other, you can (as long as you bring beer) We feel we are here to sell you the best records we can and a good price and to foster a sense of community and fun for anyone who wants to belong to something and have a good time. We're not here to judge anyone. We might do that, but hey, we drink...cut us some slack.


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Ah, summer, what power you have to make us suffer and like it. ~Russel Baker

Olympic Fever gripped the shop quite firmly this year. World class Table Tennis and the back end of the Spanish Beach Volleyball Team captivated our hearts, minds and imaginations. Olympic executives like to talk about the unifying qualities of the games but they fail to mention how infuriating they are as well. Trampoline is lame, fencing is lame and to all those who think horse dancing is a sport, we got some ocean front property in Arizona to sell to you...cheap. Now that the great games are over, and we're done watching Kobe Bryant hit on volleyball girls, we're sitting around and quietly reminiscing about the summer that's fading as quickly and as beautifully as it came....

That was a total lie. Now that the Olympics are over we're discussing Football and insulting each other. The day to day is the same but the nights are still fun around here. We've had a flood of good new local records and a bunch of weird tapes come in the shop, come on down and check us out. Untill then, here are some random photos from the past month or 2 or 3...

ST37 in action. These are guys are a pleasure to be around and a pleasure to listen to. In fact, as a writer, I find it pleasurable to even be writing about them. Ahh pleasure.

So our buddy Mitch is basically a 15 year old girl trapped in the body of a totally kick ass trucker who is always down to party. We decided to throw him a quinceanera (that's a coming of age party for a girl, for the culturally unfortunate among the readership) to try and man him up. We got Selena e los Burritos to play and we got him a cake with his face on it. We threw it at him.

Here we have Spot explaining to Mitch that this better be the last goddamn time we see his ass in a dress. Ish is yelling...Ish is always yelling.

This is Team Next from Austin. We're putting them on the blog because they wrote this line:

"You sitting there, tryin to get by...Im sitting here, trying to stay high."

Coming next time...we're gonna talk about tapes, tape and grapes.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

"I've really learned a lot, really learned a lot, love is like a stove, burns you when it's hot." - Roy Orbison.

If you wanna talk to us about serious drinking, you have to include the crew that's been watching euro 2012 here at the shop in there. We have a Swede, 2 Mexicans, a dog AND Nay Nay all showing up at 145 ready to drink, yell, and marvel at the beautiful playing and artful commentary. The crew involved are a sturdy bunch, because if you pay attention to to the news, the internet or any ol asshole in the street, you've been bombarded with the message: "Its hot,...waaah". Remember that one summer we had in Texas where it was 75 degrees everyday and it snowed puppies and rainbows? We don't either. \

Moving on. Here's a few images from the last month. In the interest of transparency, we've been getting really really fucked up the last month so it's a bit...sparse. The spirit is there, but the parts where we pissed people off, got in fights with eachother and alienated long time friends have been removed to protect....the people that work and hang and Trailer Space. Sorry.

Drama shot of Royal Headache during Chaos in Tejas. This shit was bad ass. Logan got 5 of us in and he alerted the security staff that we "were gonna do whatever" Spot and JJ got hella drunk and JJ made good friends with the security staff. Unfortunately he got too fucked up to watch the Clean. But a good time was had by all. THANKS TIMMY, LOGAN AND THE CHAOS CREW.

This was on JJ's birthday. He tried to pay these fuckheads 30 bucks NOT to play at the shop. They declined. He split with Schmitz to watch basketball at the bar. Spot had to deal with this bullshit. ("By the way, they were actually good because they only played for 10 minutes - Spot")

We went to see these dorks look like Wilco or someshit at the Parish. We were all on mushrooms so it was totally killer.

Angie B and her baby Lily. She's lookin so good in her Rusted Shut onesie.

This guy was doing projections for this really crappy "psych" band from Mexico City. He is obviously the only one involved that knows anything about anything.

Mitch looks at his Facebook too much so we threw him a Quincenenera so he would grow the fuck up. Here he is with his face cake. This cake would be thrown in his face a mere 4 hours after this shot was taken.

ST37 this last sunday. If you act like you are into psychedellic music and you don't love this band, then you are a fucking idiot. They Jam just as hard as Hawkwind or Flower Travellin Band or Ngozi Family, but they have the advantage of not only being from the greatest country in the world (AMERICA GODDAMNIT)  but they hail from the greatest state in the union (TEXAS GODDAMNIT)  Please find all of their recorded works and study them.

So that's a quick update from this last month. We're going to get started early here so WE'RE TAKING SPONSORSHIP FOR SXSW starting now. So if you have a car company, beer company, high end clothing brand, blog, record label or if you sell weed and wanna give us a bunch for free. HOLLER AT US.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Biblical names are hot again. Anita Diament

We had an eclipse, The Lakers lost and Red Hot Chili Peppers are coming to town. Summer is coming over with all of it's mean indignities in tow.

The lazy days are starting their annual creep upon us once again. 

 We've known these boys for awhile now and we're watching them change from twee little emo dudes...

Into Us.

These guys went to see Nick Lowe (dogs not included) and they really seemed to have a great time.

You see, if every club would just do this automatically we wouldn't have to sneak everybody in. It's really fucking easy.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Look at me I'm in 3D. The ballad of ShortDog

(Natural Child and ShortyDog, who is really crushing life right now. Photo Thanks to John at Rubberneck)

    ShortDog started to come around the shop around the beginning of last summer and he instantly became a major player in the Trailer Space day to day. He would always come in a greasy, mumbling, drunk mess. Always at 3pm when it's the hottest, always drunk as shit and swinging a towel around, mushmouthing at us.We think that he has a rare disease called mushmouth because he rarely uses any words,  ShortDog just barks this weird mush of syllables at you and you listen and you try to get 50% of what he says but you usually only get 25%. It's hard to talk to ShortDog sometimes.

What we have here is just a greasy motherfucker trying to get by. That's it. ShortDog works and parties and sometimes gets into a large bit of retarded shit. ShortDog is the only motherfucker we've ever known who has committed a violent crime, called the cops to turn himself in, and then be refused by the police....only to drink another beer and then go back to fuck with the cops some more. ShortDog is the only person we've ever seen sleep in a semi upright position for almost 3 hours. ShortDog took 25 Trailer Space buisness cards, wrote his name on the back, and then gave them out to people on 6th st.

Things haven't always been easy for ShortDog. Being short, loud and largely unable to communicate with the world gives ShortDog reason to be a total dick. He is usually a dick to large groups of people in short spans of time and its gotten him into trouble, but now he's turning himself around. He is a terrible communicator, but he has a great heart and he likes to help us around here and we thank him for that. ShortDog just got himself a new place that he moves into this weekend. The past few weeks have brought to us a kind and gentle guy with hope for the future. It's good to see fortune smiling on you ShortyDogg, sorry again about the firework in the cigarette incident...it really was an accident.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Friday, March 23, 2012

No man does right by a woman at a party. ~Harry Golden

You have to walk away from a clusterfuck like SXSW learning a few lessons. We learned from last year that while having a seemingly unlimited supply of beer and tequila seems fun, it breeds an ugliness and despair that you don't want to see. We also learned last year that if you only have two toilets on the block, the punks will shit in the neighbors yards.
So we rolled into this year armed with knowledge. We didn't get alcohol sponsors and we got a few port o potties (a phalanx of potties according to one college educated Washington Post writer) and we also made the Trailer Space bathroom LOCALS ONLY which was beyond fun...for us locals.

(Crusties filing into a Volkswagen..HAHA)

We began the week with a locals only party and then shit got started. We had showcases from Monofonus Press, 12XU, Get Bent, Burger Records, Trouble in Mind, Colonel Sanders and Cake Shop NYC/Daed Pizza. Everything went off without a hitch and was EXCEEDINGLY fun.BIG THANKS to all of you to put this thing together. You did a fantastic job and without you, it wouldn't have happened at all...because we are LAZY.

("Smokin dat" Wes whips his hair for Natural Child and a Crowd)

Crowd wise, we couldn't have asked for a better group of people. Everyone was hungry for music and beer and seemed to be in good spirits (not counting the girls from California who got into a fight, which was awesome). Most people didn't mind the locals only bathroom and we got a minimal amount of shitty attitude and for that we thank you. We learned that hatred for crusties is a nationwide thing, we also learned that if you spin fire infront a puerto rican and they have something to throw at you, they will throw it at you. Repeatedly.

(Crowd Shot)

In the interest of not incriminating anyone, we're not going to explain the picture above, we're just going to thank Emo's for making us a stop on the party bus, it was great fun all week long and we hope to do it again next year. When you ride the Emo's bus, you look like this.

Most of all, for us here at Trailer Space, SXSW is summer camp where we get to see our friends from all over the world. from Louie Louie from France, to THE PUERTO RICANS, to Alex and Francis White to the Natural Childs to the Tomorrows Tulips to Bim and Chris from the Unholy Two to the Burger dudes and everyone else we forgot to mention. We love you and we're glad to know you. This year was a really really fun year for us and we once again want to thank everyone who came over to our shop. Bigger thanks if you bought some records.

It was a rough week and it only got rougher when this happened.

But that's another story.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

This is an UPDATED AND COMPLETE list of who we will be cleaning up after for SXSW

Here is the list of bands we will be cleaning up after during SXSW. We present this list in hopes that you'll come by the shop and have a good time. We hope to see you all healthy, hydrated and wearing good shoes, but we are realists and we know we're going to get a bunch of sweaty ingrates who are drunk on the combination of alcohol, having long hair and wearing shades and probably being from California.

We also present this list to let the world of travelling minstrels, hobbits, performance artists, singer songwriters and those who deem themselves "multi talented" know this: GOT IT DUDE, GO BUG ANOTHER MOTHERFUCKER. Hey there's a hair salon down the street from us now. Truck your bullshit over there.



615 - Ichi Ni San Shi
630 - Randall Holt
700 - Dikes of Holland
730 - Dahling
800 - Teenage News
830 - Followed by Static
900 - Church Shoes
930 - Marriage
1000 - Coma in Algiers
1030 - Grape St.
1100 - Elvis!
1130 - A Giant Dog
1200 - Surprise Guest Maybe

Wed. 3/14 Burger Records Burgerstock

14 – W – @ TRAILER SPACE (11am-1am)
12:00 – HABIBI
5:30 – SAM FLAX
6:15 – GAP DREAM
7:45 – PANGEA
10:45 – MEAN JEANS
12:15 – THEE OH SEES
Thurs 3/15 Colonel Sanders Presents

130-200 Habibi

200-230 Spectrals

245-315 Natural Child

330-400 Mallard

415-445 Special Guest TBA

500-530 Kid Congo and the Pink Monkey Birds

545-615 White Fence

630-700 Strange Boys

Thurs. 3/15 Capeshok/CakeShop NYC and Daed Pizza Present

SXSW 2012

7:15 - HEAVY CREAM (Nashville)
8:00 - MANNEQUIN MEN (Chicago)
8:45 - the WRONG WORDS (Oakland)
9:30 - DIARRHEA PLANET (Nashville)
10:15 - LAS ARDILLAS (San Juan, PR)
11:00 - the TRAVELING DINGLEBERRYS (aka da Main Janes; Mars/Portland)

Friday March 16th Monofonus Press Presents

1 Dope Body
1:45 Heavy Times
2:30 Spray Paint
3 Dikes of Holland
3:45 Shit and Shine
4:15 Same Sack
5 Puffy Areolas
5:45 Modern Convenience

Fri. 3/16 Get Bent Presents

700 - night beats
730 - trmrs
800 - heavy cream
830 - useless eaters
900 - pangea
930 - outer minds
1000 - blasted canyons
1030 - burning itch

Sat 3/17 Trouble in Mind Presents

12-12:30 : Hex Dispensers
12:45-1:15: Wheels On Fire
1:30-2:00 : The Mean Jeans
2:15-2:45 : The Wrong Words
3:00-3:30 : The Resonars
3:45-4:15 : Mikal Cronin
4:45-5:15 : Apache Dropout
5:30-6:00 : Night Beats

Sat. 3/17 12XU Presents

if you're not totally sick of free music by Saturday night, here's (much) more to chew on. Running order TBA.

8pm - Unholy Two
8:45 - Terrible Twos
9:30 - G.Green
10:15 - James Arthur's Manhunt
11pm - Ex-Cult (formerly Sex Cult)
midnight - Special Guest will leave you strung out on jargon

Bring your own beer. And mints. They don't sell mints at Trailer Space. Just records. And who doesn't appreciate mints?

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

"Accept loss forever." Jack Kerouac

Some people just burn too bright for this world. Sitting in our rain moistened record store today with no particular agenda besides winning the bong battle and finding soccer on TV, we find our own little lights are dimmed by the loss of two heavyweights in our insular little world. Despite putting on our game faces, we still find that everything we've been doing this month has been a little bit half assed, unless it involves hitting something or drinking; and as we walk around trying to accept what cannot be changed and slightly dreading the inevitable end to our own lives, the only comfort we can find is the light that the two people we have lost lent us while they were here. To everyone who's lost someone. Accept loss forever, but please let it change you for the better.