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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Hostility comes from loneliness, from not seeing yourself like a drop falling into the ocean of humanity like everyone else. Mehmet Oz

Football is back and we couldn't be happier. We are aware that some of the readers don't care for football but we don't really care for Hickey or the Descendants so that's cool. 

We're all waiting for the Cowboys to start blowing it (ed. note -  I am a huge fan of both the Cowboys and reality, so just wait for it, it's going to happen) and we're really hoping that living embodiment of a sports movie, the Baltimore Ravens go all the way this year. We love football because believe it or not, there's alot of beauty hidden between the pads and grunts you see on the TV. When a play is executed properly its like watching a poem made out of leathery flesh being performed by 11 men who are working together to occupy, annoy, beat down and piss off another 11 men. Getting that many people to accomplish something TOGETHER is amazing to watch. That's not to say that Football is occupied by a bunch of Keats quoting dandies; the game is filled to the brim with some of the most incredible dumb asses on the planet and they are pretty fun to watch.

Since we saw you last, we've been on TV (https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=1n8e2UqHbw4 we pop up at about 8:20) and our poker game has been getting quite lively. Our summers are usually like a party that few people attend as far as the record selling goes, but that always changes with the weather. Strong are we in our position as the premier hangout spot for the lonely drunk who really needs to hide in a place where chicks will not be. We are very strong in that.

The best thing about being on TV was that the show seemed to catch us in the act of doing what we're here for. Technically, yes we are here to sell records but beyond that, we're a place for any and anyone who loves music and just needs a place to be. That's why we have Shows, Poker games, Birthday parties and Sports watching gatherings. That's why if you wanna come over and stand there and lurk while we talk shit to each other, you can (as long as you bring beer) We feel we are here to sell you the best records we can and a good price and to foster a sense of community and fun for anyone who wants to belong to something and have a good time. We're not here to judge anyone. We might do that, but hey, we drink...cut us some slack.