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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

There was a light, and it has gone out: SXSW wrap up.

SXSW is over now, we had a great time. Look how much fun Angus (heir to the Trailer Space throne) is having. LOOK AT HIM.

Tons of fun was had by everyone who was down for fun. Here we have White Mystery, having fun while giving themselves bad luck.

This just rules. Go Mike.

Katherine wins. She just wins. The rad shit that was flying out of her mouth during this whole shit was awe inspiring.

See. FUN. This dude is having fun.
This dude is just down as fuck. LOOK AT HIM.

This is Brimstone Howl. Official Trailer Space house band during sxsw. Buy their records, go see them play. Love them, because they got nothing but love for you, holmes.

We know Brandon. It hurts that it's all over now. But Sxsw will be back next year. Believe you me.

And that's it. Now its back to trying to beat the pinball devil. Biggest thanks to all the bands that played and weren't TOO annoyed. Thanks to Colt 45, scion, Videothing.com, I hate rock and roll, Colonel Abe (ha) Volar records, Gotta Groove Records, Jonny Matzah and Whoa Hunx, HoZac Records, Burger Records (our new buddies), Saw Her Ghost Records and especially all the rad folks who came to the shop during all this craziness. We here at Trailer Space had a great time this year and we're hoping everyone else did too. SEE YA NEXT YEAR.

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