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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

REAL SHIT# 5 - Total Abuse

Imagine trying to find a personal version of reality that blanks out all the horrors of the modern world. Imagine that after heaps and piles of effort you realize that all that is left in this world is the hurt and the stink. You can either continue to fight it or go with it. Total Abuse seems to being dealing with the things we cannot change by just going with it. Reacting to a world that is now, and forever will be, perpetual shit by making harsh, hateful, nervous music is equal parts stylistic choice and spiritual requirement.The internet hate's Total Abuse for their "aloofness" and "self perpetuated mysteriousness" in their interviews, business choices and personal interactions on the road. The critics, who love their own boring syllableslop/bands more than anything, keep mentioning the most insignificant shit about this band, and it keeps one wondering time and time again. What the fuck do you think this band owes you and why? We don't think they owe anyone a goddamn thing.

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