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Thursday, November 18, 2010


Fall in Texas feels like an apology from our great state for the hot, sticky summer. Some of our Boys are finally going there while some of our other Boys are already there. Here in Moscow on the Colorado (thank Cade Callahan for that one) Tons of good records have been coming into the shop, yet we still have “PowerSlave” in the stacks.. Despite our history mocking lack of effort, Trailer Space now has a legitimate reason for a staff meeting. Staff has been told the terms of this meeting. The reader should be glad they don't have to endure such a meeting. After this meeting we will announce some big news that's going to make card carrying humans happy. We're still talking shit on publications poorly fact checked and on the Miami Heat, but Spot and JJ still can't agree on the Lakers (FUCK THE LAKERS. ed) The Hoop brought over a new couch and a bigger TV and Kyle brought us a gamecube. This adds to the shops "dudes getting fucked up in the basement" atmosphere (pics soon)

Other Importances....

We dont really listen to rock music before 7pm these days.

Our friends bands have put out some good records lately.(New John Wesley Coleman, New Dikes of Holland, Followed by Static 7in!)

“Can you get nutrients from smoking food?”

  • j.doe.

"It's taxidermy....no really....."

and this happened......

Come see us.

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