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Thursday, January 27, 2011


The Green Bay Packers' origins can be traced back to 1896 where they were part of a semi professional league of teams that played around Wisconsin and the Midwest. Started by Earl "Curly" Lambeau and underwritten by the Indian Meat Packing corporation (get it?) the team went on to join the AFPA (American Professional Football Association) the precursor to the NFL, in 1921. Fast Forward to now, with more league championships than any other team in the league (12) one Vince Lombardi and the emotional and spiritual powerhouse that is the midwest behind them, the pack is getting ready for another shot at the big prize. How can you not root for them? They are the only community owned, non-profit team in the league! Every few years the citizens of Green Bay can buy shares of their favorite team and own a part of something they love. Every Packers home game has been sold out since 1960 and they're most ardent fans wear FAKE CHEESE ON THEIR HEADS.

Without getting into anything too game specific, this Super Bowl is going to be an insanely memorable one, classic teams, two cities who are hungry to win, and an army of drunks the world over who are dying to see the game. The best thing about sports is their ability to bring people together and provide people with a good time. Sure, to some it seems stupid and silly, but not everyone in America is a fucking genius and that's ok. Not every American finds solace in punk records, movies, video games, skateboarding, weed, or even football and that's ok too. Whats important is to remember that people like what they like and if it's making them feel good, then more power to them....unless it's meth. DONT DO METH.

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