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Saturday, May 14, 2011

"It was always easy to find an unhappy woman" - Moe Bandy

Things get weird when it starts to get hot because the sun is closer to Texas than anywhere else in the world. Texan brains cook and it's not even June. As they cook, shit comes up. The lakers lose (ed. note - told ya), You get kicked out of 2 bars in one AFTERNOON after trying out for THE REMAKE OF SLACKER (ed. note - this is not made up, and it happened to 2 men, one of them got in trouble and the other man lamented that he's never had anal sex at 32 years old.), Recumbent bikes and Segways still roam the town and your newly cooked brain won't let you yell at them because it's just too hot for that. Some people set skateboards on fire, and I dunno....sluts.

The last two weeks here at the shop have been a non stop bro-down. Blame the NBA playoffs and the temperature, but chicks just haven't been coming around too much lately, despite our daily showering and other charms. OH well. We still have eachother, a mutual hate for the Miami Heat and a shared admiration for....i dunno...sluts.

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