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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Be brave. Take risks. Nothing can substitute experience. Paulo Coelho

Wednesday Night.

Tonight was the first typically "summer" night here at the shop. Everyone here was a motherfucker, heavy heads were

around. The vibe of the place was more,"Shit, I slept till 4, I gotta do something...i dont wanna go far (bong rip)and Im broke, I

wanna be around my homies... Im going to Trailer Space."

Some people watched the bands, some didnt. 80 % of the attendees donated to the touring band and we even sold some records. But the

whole thing was TEXAS SUMMER.

Im here, Im hot. I like you. I hate you. We're here. Whatever. We're convinced

that the sun is closer to Texas during the summer, We KNOW that it cooks your brain and makes you act weird. We're ok with all

these things. If your out, your overcoming the CONSISTANTLY BRUTAL texas heat. Act Spacey and weird, wile out a little... YOU


No band photos, SORRY HOLMES.

RECIDE was good. The drummer is hitting like a MAN now and they're making it more weird, really good.

CRUDDY was way tight. New jams (ed note. Presumably off the 12xu lp?) had a primal lurch to them that was very exciting. Really


BORED STRAIGHT from milwaukee was tight, nervous and wound up. Nice guys who didn't take their straight edges too

seriously. Rippers.

NAW DUDE (ed. note, I am the guitarist) had Albert from RECIDE fill in on vocals because the normal singer got lost in

the forest of the mind. Despite his straight Edge, he killed the set, proving that anyone can do Hardcore if you pay attention and

actually give a fuck.

Thanks all. It was a good time.

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