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Friday, April 20, 2012

Look at me I'm in 3D. The ballad of ShortDog

(Natural Child and ShortyDog, who is really crushing life right now. Photo Thanks to John at Rubberneck)

    ShortDog started to come around the shop around the beginning of last summer and he instantly became a major player in the Trailer Space day to day. He would always come in a greasy, mumbling, drunk mess. Always at 3pm when it's the hottest, always drunk as shit and swinging a towel around, mushmouthing at us.We think that he has a rare disease called mushmouth because he rarely uses any words,  ShortDog just barks this weird mush of syllables at you and you listen and you try to get 50% of what he says but you usually only get 25%. It's hard to talk to ShortDog sometimes.

What we have here is just a greasy motherfucker trying to get by. That's it. ShortDog works and parties and sometimes gets into a large bit of retarded shit. ShortDog is the only motherfucker we've ever known who has committed a violent crime, called the cops to turn himself in, and then be refused by the police....only to drink another beer and then go back to fuck with the cops some more. ShortDog is the only person we've ever seen sleep in a semi upright position for almost 3 hours. ShortDog took 25 Trailer Space buisness cards, wrote his name on the back, and then gave them out to people on 6th st.

Things haven't always been easy for ShortDog. Being short, loud and largely unable to communicate with the world gives ShortDog reason to be a total dick. He is usually a dick to large groups of people in short spans of time and its gotten him into trouble, but now he's turning himself around. He is a terrible communicator, but he has a great heart and he likes to help us around here and we thank him for that. ShortDog just got himself a new place that he moves into this weekend. The past few weeks have brought to us a kind and gentle guy with hope for the future. It's good to see fortune smiling on you ShortyDogg, sorry again about the firework in the cigarette incident...it really was an accident.

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