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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

"I can no other answer make, but, thanks, and thanks." William Shakespeare

In our last blog post I said I would try to make these things more regular. Well, the Spurs have been having a strong season that has been wrought with problems in the post so that has been getting most of my attention...also I'm lazy. Since you're surely sitting somewhere starting to get bored with someone so I thought today would be a good day to check in. Merry Christmas to those in celebration. Hopefully all others are having a great day off and are irreparably drunk. 

Things around the shop have been going well. Rumors have been going around about our doors closing and our detractors will be sad to know, this is not the case. Max V from the Fleshlights threw a benefit show for us to help out the shop. Things are going alright but we need a little extra cash to fix our trusty little Public Address system and our roof.  The P.A has been strong, is has weathered the storm of 1000's of beers being flung at it and being pumped too loud by emo bands. The P.A. gracefully ignores scoffs from noise bands and hip hop acts who want nothing more than to plug weird shit into it be way louder than necessary. The Roof on the other hand is literally a soggy and wet mess, a cowering and leaky whiner who hates all weather. Rain, shine, cold or hot the roof is pissed about it and needs some fixing. Big thanks to Foreign Mothers, Dead Space, 60 Minute Man and Debt for playing and to Hotel Vegas for hosting. Lots of love to Max Vandever and everybody involved with the shop for making our existence possible.

Other than that, we've been here. Picking up some new records. Watching bands play and drinking all sorts of weird shit. Attilla has been partying pretty hard, so there's fun to be had and records to buy.  Come over and bring some beer. 

here's some photos from the benefit by Alison Eden Copeland. Check her out at www.alisoneden.com


Yazzie and Alfie. Candid shot, they always look like that.
Quin and Holly. A beautiful pair of soon to be parents. Shut up Dad.
Jason and Jared. Another Candid shot.
Spot, Ish, Jackson and Mitch. Nuff Said.

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