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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

2013 Holiday Gift Guide

With only 14 days left till Christmas, we here at Trailer Space thought you folks out there might be thinking: ' What do I get that dude?' So we decided to put together a quick holiday gift guide to help you figure out what to get that special weirdo in your life that always smells a little bit like pot. 

Prince records. Everyone needs more Prince records. Don't let your friend be a sexless weirdo for the rest of his life. Get your friend Prince records. Ish, not only looks like Prince, but he's giving this LP to one of his sexless weirdo friends in hopes that the magic grooves and sexual innuendo of Prince will help. It will. Good job Ish

Our Buddy Benny from Natural Child is in this band. It's rocker and a roller and is highly recommended by the staff. 

Butthole Surfers reissues. Everybody thinks they have these on vinyl already but 7 times out of 10 they don't. 

This is a good thing to get for either a serious Bon Jovi fan, or as a white elephant or gag gift. It's funny because its a box set from a band who's best songs are their hits... 

And there are no hits on it. 

For that dude in your life who got a motorcycle, biker clothes and a shit load of 'tude year. Try this biker compilation housed in a faux leather saddle bag! Chic!

If all else fails. The HOLLA if I kill you/ Peter Rottentail DVD combo pack is always a SURE FUCKING THING. 



  1. To clarify, I go the Prince album for my sexless weirdo friend Ish. Cheers! -Kyle

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