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Sunday, September 26, 2010

T Ray Benefit Show Report.

The best and the brightest made it out for Travis' benefit show at the shop the other day. Rayon Beach, Naw Dude, Recide, and Dikes of Holland played, the Ideal Soul Mart ran out of beer (no, they never have change either) and a good time was had by all.

Recide tore it up like a proper crew of fast, angry youth. Be on the lookout for these guys.

Travis approved. He and Sheri were super stoked that so many people came out and donated. He was also stoked to finally have continuous access to beer.

Steve and Billy came through in a big way by printing up Shirts and Posters for the event. We still have them at the shop and all proceeds go to T Ray's recovery. We're also leaving the paypal (trailerspace@hotmail.com) open for him for another week or 2.

Thanks again to all involved. It was an outpouring of love for a fallen comrade and a celebration of all things drunk and loud (i.e. all attendees). Good times.

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