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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

“Be at war with your vices, at peace with your neighbors, and let every new year find you a better man.” - Benjamin Franklin

2010 was a banner year for us. Sure, we had our ups (Credit Card Machine, great shows, lots of good times with friends) and our downs (Credit Card Machine, shows, too much of a "good time" with friends) but it was really the same sort of stuff that everyone experiences, Im sure you can relate to these things that happend: Someone tagged BACON in the bathroom, someone stole a picture of the shop, only to have it replaced by a PICTURE of the picture that was stolen (trippy) Someone put this really cool stencil of a little dog on the sidewalk, Spot and JJ both got new dogs, JJ introduced sushi to a neighbor only to have him marked as a man who eats pussy (Guilty as Charged - JJ), Gay Cheerleaders, a Guy who claims to buy pot from his 12 year old son, and who could forget the naked guy!

You may have been shot at with a BB gun or a slingshot, informed you that you are fucking up, told that your band sucks or maybe you were told you that you're a piece of shit. We do these things out of love. Trailer Space isn't just for Spot, JJ, The Golden Boys, The Strange Boys, James Arthur and their ilk; Trailer Space is for EVERYONE who loves music and above all else A GOOD TIME. This has been our focus for the first 17 days of the year, that's why its taken so long to put up this year end blog, POSITIVE THINKING IS A PROCESS AND IT'S NOT BECAUSE JJ AND SPOT SMOKE TOO MUCH DAMN WEED.

Bands of the year - Followed By Static, The Gary, Half Mile Fox Fur

Drink of the year - Vodka and Ginger Brew

Enabler of the year - BJ for bringing that totally sweet bong that only gets used moderately

Word of the Year - BUDUSSY

Schmitzism of the year - "You can apologize all you want, but the fact is that there is no way to measure how much I don't care about this, and Im not sorry."

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