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Friday, March 18, 2011

sure. sxsw day 2

the camera broke. So here's some quotes from today. Names changed in hopes you won't ask about it later.

"Yeah, he's definitely a pussy, but the other guys don't wanna play with just two guitars and a bass" - dude

"You must put up with alot." - J.M

"I aint doin shit this year, Im only here untill the girl im fucking wants to leave" - dude with the right attitude

"Yeah, he sucks, and yeah, we hate him, but lets try not antagonizing and humiliating him. Let's just be nice to him so he'll go away and we can forget about eachother." - Dude with the right Idea

"They're like that New York band, Suicide, but if they were totally boring and fronted by parents who like to adopt." - You don't need to know

"So the theme this afternoon was 6 hours of bitches who think they can sing?" - Man

"I wish I was from california so I can live on top of a rainbow, piss lemonade, have a unicorn for a pet and smile." - resonable thinker.

"I like this band because she's convinced she's important and her music is delightfully ignorable." - Guess who.

"Where's Trailer Space?" - dumbass.

"The truth? of course I know Will Zech." - god.

Are you drinking water? DRINK WATER.

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