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Saturday, October 8, 2011

"You may have thought things would come right again If you could only keep quiet and still" - Philip Larkin

(This dog is Linus, photo by Laura Ashline. Ed side note- She is back in Austin and this is good.)

We're gettin there.

After a lazy summer, the T Space crew is enjoying playoff Baseball (we're happy with whoever goes to the world series....but FUCK THE CARDINALS) and doin our thing. Shit's starting to pick up again in all respects. More people coming in, more people buyin stuff (THANKS) and we've been seeing some incredible shows here lately. Seriously, we've seen some magical sets here in the past few weeks. You can't go around looking for the magic, but when it comes about you must be thankful, you must be attentive and above all else, you MUST BE THANKFUL. So much is happening in Austin right now. Take in as much as you can take, please. Just pay attention. We've been paying attention more, and we're happy about it.

(Ali on the left, Tony on the right. Photo by Graham Low)

This is Ali and Tony from the Holy Shit! show the other week. Magical Show. Holy SHit! is coming back to play with Naw Dude (ed. note - Im in Naw Dude) on 11/22. Come by and get drunk.

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