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Sunday, October 30, 2011

"Past rooms still burning their electric light: I thought: Featureless morning, featureless night." - Philip Larkin

The days before Halloween is when we here at Trailer Space really get down. Spot and JJ always dress up the same way for Halloween (Spot as Angus' dad and JJ as a fucking adult) so the days before is our party time. We had an epic blow out with James Arthurs Manghunt, The Golden Boys, Rhett and Dean and The Early Stages. Tom debuted his new meat cart, Mickelthwaits Craft Meats to rave reviews. Definitely one of the best times we've ever had, despite the Rangers losing game 6 (ed note. MOTHERFUCKERS)

Here's some photos from the event. Taken by the worldly and hoboerotic

Renate Winter check her out at www.renatewinter.com

James Arthur in his natural habitat. Self Promoting. Look how excited he is.

The Early Stages. Mid Rock.

These guys have been a constant joy around the shop. They have also been a supplier of weird ass alcohol.

Tom. Mid Meat.

Dean and the Fam.

Crowd around the register. Look how Sean Mo is trying to seduce Ish. Fuckin Creep.

Brian, Spot and Omari trying to look hard as fuck in the face of an oblivion lusting drunk.

Brian in his natural state.

Rhett and Dean rule.


People say we Monkee around. But we're so busy singin'!..

That we make our drummer frown :(

Crowd Shot. Find the Aussies. I dare you.

Another crowd shot. Find the Aussie again!

James Arthurs' ManHunt. A texan Hawkwind with a huge dose of drug shame. See this band.

Jensen the Aussie and Mack! Jensen alerted us that Australian Cops don't carry boomerangs. BUMMER.

Rangers fans. Before they lost all hope.


Ish had a great time.

Thanks to all that came out, rocked out and cooked. It was a night for the record books.

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