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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

"Everyone has a plan 'till they get punched in the mouth."- Mike Tyson

(JJ and Spot holding a door from Emo's, photo by Greg Enlow)

Beatin' em to the punch. Trailer Space says goodbye to Emo's (a few days before the lazy sycophants in Austin music media do)

People that have worked at Emo's are the only ones who know the true power of that place. Taking a job at Emo's was basically signing away your rights to privacy, dignity and basic humanity. People have gone from drugging, drinking skirt chasers into home owning, 3 beer having, child raisers in the course of a few months. Why? It's because working at Emo's was basically taking the deepest darkest ugliness inside your soul and looking at it for 6 to 12 hours a day for a few days a week.

Or most of them just got old...or they accidentally knocked up their girlfriends.

Silliness aside, we here at Trailer Space are very sad to see our very own manchild playground go. We're very proud about how they're choosing to bow out. Rather than having C3 bring in Mongo and Sons or some other KGSR sanctioned granola rocker, they're bringing in Killdozer to play with a couple of local bands that have a direct tie to the club. It's going to be a show for the people who have always been there, and it's going to be a blast. Frank and CO. aren't really making a huge deal publicly. Sure, we've all had our extended hug nostalgia parties over the past few weeks, but the club's public bowout has been quiet and understated which has always been the point. The true fun and magic of the place always went on inside the walls and it's always been for the people who are accepted inside those walls. Spot and JJ have always (well 80% of the time) have been treated with open arms. Despite JJ's early 2000's run of constantly getting kicked out for giving Greg alcohol, to the crime comedy that was Spot from 2004 to 2008, even down to Spot and JJ the past few weeks, we got our repremands and our insults but we were always welcomed back. Thanks Emo's for your tolerance, we really apprieciate it.

One needs to remember that what's happening to the club is what the powers that be in Austin want for our fair city. They no longer want downtown to be the haven for "US" whatever that means. The fact that we spend almost all the money we make on cheap alcohol, the fact that the things we like, love and do bring the cool factor and the noteriety to the city is no longer enough. The city wants Red River and that part of 6th street to be for the people who drink expensive and still have the cash to shop on SoCo afterward. Those people deemed as "US" are to be relegated to East 6th, East Riverside or wherever the fuck. As long as "We" aren't there to make the yuppies scared, the city doesn't care. We have our goodtimes, we have our memories and we can take them to another part of town.

..and we will, because shit, if we had to start paying to get into shows AND paying full price for drinks we would be totally screwed. No matter where they send us, they're going to try to kick us out of there too in 10 years or so. It's not so much "US" that makes a place cool, it's the energy, the passion and the love for real, urgent in your face art that makes a place cool.

and Sluts too, gotta have sluts.

Goodbye Emo's downtown. Ya'll suck, but it's always better than partying at Beerland.

PS - THANKS TO : Chris Doan, Mike Sanchez, Guilty Dave, Hooch, Tom, Staples, Schmitz, Sabala, Dan Moore, Beez Nuts, Ray Colgan, Big C, Joe Sabastian (aka Baby Beluga), Courtney, PHILLY PAT, Schlam a lam, the Denver Sxsw clean up crew, Mike Christie, Lucas Wedow, Inkle, Terry Snow, Jacob Schultze, Graham Mills, Logan Worrell, Bill Corselo and Frank Hendrix, and anyone we forgot. Thanks for treating us so well despite us being so fucking drunk.

and to the bands we insulted. STILL NOT SORRY.

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