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Friday, December 9, 2011

Man is condemned to be free; because once thrown into the world, he is responsible for everything he does. - Jean-Paul Sartre

Photo by Jon Shapley for atommusic.wordpress.com

A couple weeks back we had a party to celebrate the release of a split 7in between young rockers The Fleshlights and old bong loaders Naw Dude (photos can be found at http://atommusic.wordpress.com/2011/12/04/205/ and you can pick up this fine record at the shop or www.12xu.net) and it was quite the time. We had explosive rock, free ass beer (THANKS 12XU) cold weather and communal moisture. Being wet with people who share your interests makes us feel supported and capable of forward movement. Every hair stuck smile and wet t-shirt back, every slippery step and tossed ice cube is a reminder why you love the things you love. We love records, music and the ability to share our particular brand of gross wetness with everyone that walks through our doors. We don't even mind cleaning up (mostly because we have Mack do that) so whatever.

While we plan for the impending winter holiday, we're also getting ready for some of our favorite moisture to dissapear.

(photo by Renate Winter)

The man on the left is Sean Morales. Sean Mo is a grousy little bitch sometimes, but all in all, he's a great friend. He's a brown at arms and a serviceable card player.

The man on the right is Bryan Schmitz. Bryan, while also a grousy little bitch, is also a destroyer of dreams, a crusher of ego and a really shitty person to get a ride from (Beware the Schmitz dip)

Sean is leaving us at the end of the month to go persue his career in Oregon. Bryans going to stay behind to continue to torture us all, but before that, we're going to Roast Sean Morales here at the shop on 12/21. Bryan is going to be the Roast Host with the Most and there will be actual pot roast to eat. Come by and say farewell to one of the greats... by watching another one of the greats completely destroy his soul.

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