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Saturday, July 24, 2010

" I hate Grandma, she's a bitch, all she does is suck my dick" - Wild America Tour Report. Week 1

It's summer and Wild America has hit the road to support their debut 7in "The Sea" (Freedom School Records). They're hitting up the midwest and having tons of fun along the way, here's some pictures and stuff from the trip.

This was taken inside of the Famous Lost Cross punk house in Carbondale, Il. Some would say this is an apt description of our band and lifestyles, but NEVER about our scent.

This is the Lost Cross bathroom. Not mild, but definitely BUCK.

This is Milo, he is an adventure dog. There is no way to dispute this fact after you meet him.

This is Jim. He plays guitar in Uh-Oh, a milwaukee band that joined us for 5 dates out of this tour. They are a great band, and we miss them very much. Here we see Jim on the roof of Lost Cross about to swing off of it.

Jim, mid flight.

This guy is hanging up inside the BFG in appleton, wi. Thanks to amos and crew for letting us bend the rules and play, despite our status.

I never expected to walk into Extreme Noise records and see dumbest sign, for the most useless bullshit on the entire planet. Punk isn't dead, it just fucking sucks.

This was our view out of one of the MANY windows inside the IMPOSSIBLY HUGE Lucky Gator Loft in Chicago. Headless statue had it coming. Mouthy statues get dead. 

Big thanks to everyone that's put us up, smoked us out, didn't mind when one of us (ed. note, me) said weird shit to your girlfriend, put up with us being late, loud and drunk, came to the show, or just said some weird funny shit within earshot. Big sorry to all those we've offended by trying to speak in midwestern accents.

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