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Friday, August 6, 2010

There's a girl with a crown and a scepter, Who's on WLSD - Wild America tour week 2

Tour moves right along to middle america. Things are a little off there and you don't really know why. The people greet us with open arms and a good time was had by all.

Found this at CaraBar in Columbus, Ohio (Thanks Rob and Cara for getting us there) This smells of Schmitz

This shit is pretty cool between beers 1 and 5. Between beers 7 to 18, shit get's fucking scary dude.

This guy is wearing a prototype for a new Wild America shirt. The board is still out on this one.

Pot Myths, man. Do you know any?

This is Sky Hy. He's a rapper from Atlanta. His beats and rhymes are top notch, as his physique and stage show. (ed. note, go see this guy)

Yup. This was happening in Atlanta as well.

Here is Dugg and Colin "goddamnit" Sherr on the streets of New Orleans, in front of their favorite store.

This is April, she runs a great DIY space in Atlanta called couch couch. She is holding her bong, which is inflatable, and floats in the bathtub.

While in Bloomington, most of the guys learned a funny little card game called "norweigian rodent fuckdown" or something like that. Xian just did this all night.

The cave is Old Man Cave in Columbus. The old man is Josh, First rate dude and great roadie. Happy 30th, ass-blood.

Also in Columbus....

We'll leave you with this picture of Jarvis, wearing glasses.

There it is. Thanks again for all the smoke outs, beers, drinks, hugs, floors, washing machines, fireworks and fun. We got taken care of very well and we're grateful. No shout outs to the haters, thieves and dudes with no guitar straps.

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